Monday, November 9, 2015

The Renovation is Just Beginning

I waited an extra day to post an update so I could share something awesome with you!

I mentioned that First Baptist, Tallassee graciously came an invested their time and money in helping to install new siding on the church, but they couldn't quite finish. They were so dedicated that they sent a professional from the church to come and finish the work.

Here's what the church building looked like before:
And here is what the building looks like now:
The installation team did an incredible job and worked very hard to invest in God's Kingdom. We are extremely grateful.
Why did it need to change? The log exterior was very pretty, after all.
First of all, Jamestown isn't really a "log cabin" type of town. If the church were located just South or just North of the town, it would fit better, but that look doesn't fit the actual city of Jamestown very well.
But the need wasn't just about making the church's physical appearance fit the area better. It was also a matter of starting fresh. The name of the church is going to be Renovation Baptist Church because that's what the city of Jamestown is desperate for: change! The people here know that something has to give, but they don't know what that something is yet. We know that "something" isn't a thing at all, but a Who. The best way to introduce change to the city was with a little change. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of First Baptist, we're one step further in our mission!

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