Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hopes, Happenings, and How You Can Join Us From Where You Are!

Things are starting to move along. Edwin is doing a great job at his non-ministry job, which means that his company is happy with him, and he's meeting lots of locals. The work that began in our house before we moved in is almost done. That is going to free up some serious time for ministry work! First Baptist, Tallassee sent a professional siding installer from their church to complete the work that was halted when they left. Thankfully, the church building won't sit half-complete over the winter. That's awesome, and we are so grateful!

Edwin and I are praying that we can start a couple of small groups before Christmas. Please join us in this prayer. I'm going to speak with someone who works with the students at the local community college. Hopefully there is an opportunity for me to work with the young ladies who attend. Edwin is going to promote a coffee group for the men in the neighborhood around the church. We'll see where this goes, but pray, please pray, that it leads to an awakening in the hearts of the people of Jamestown, NY!

We have landed on a name for the church! This local expression of Christ's Body (a phrase that I heard from Hal Miller III, and I love!) is going to be known as Renovation Baptist Church. We're working on a logo, after which we'll get a website and marketing materials like business cards put together.

We plan to make our first promo video tomorrow. Please pray that this comes to pass! We keep getting bogged down in the urgency of other things, but we know that this is very important in getting prayer partners.

Speaking of prayer partners, we need you! We are currently trying to get at least 200 people who are willing to commit to praying for us weekly. We'll send you sensitive requests when we can't share certain concerns publicly as well as monthly updates. We really do need your help! Please fill out the form in the right side bar to join our team of prayer partners and become a major part of God's work in Jamestown.

On a more personal note, I've started work on a book that I am very excited about. I know that God will use the product however He wants, and I pray that it is a blessing to His people. The process of writing it, however, has been a tremendous blessing to me. It's one of very few projects that I've started where I know that it's God's calling for me in the moment, and not my own desire to make something happen. To be very honest, I want to change the world so badly that I sometimes get ahead of God's plan for me. I don't think that's what's happening with this book, however, and that's a relief. In the process of writing it, I've been reading books by His saints. It's really beautiful that these books can act as a doorway into the larger Church, the Church that isn't limited by time or location. I can sit in the pew next to Corrie Ten Boom or C.S. Lewis or Joni Eareckson Tada, and we can all soak in God's grace together! It's truly a miraculous privilege! Please pray that I'll keep learning in this process, and that God will build His Church through my life however He chooses.

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