Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ministry Update: 10.25.15

Although busy, this week was a little more routine. We feel like we're starting to settle into life, which allows us more time and mental energy for strategizing and planning for the church planting process.

Edwin is doing very well with his new job at Time Warner Cable. He is able to speak with a lot of people on a daily basis. Because he's also new to town, potential customers are always eager to give advice about the culture and opportunities available. This has been very helpful for us personally as well as beneficial as we seek to understand the people to whom God has assigned us.

Edwin spoke to a church planter in another part of the state who has been very encouraging and helpful, and they plan to speak again. This was refreshing since Edwin and I are completely new to this whole church planting thing. I hope to talk to his wife some time this week. She was very proactive in talking to me, for which I am very grateful!

We have several goals for this week to begin reaching out to our community more strategically and effectively. I'm going to begin to develop a website for the ministry, and we're hoping to get some conversation groups going in November. Edwin and I are still discussing how we want to promote these groups, but we're very excited to get them up and running.

We have visited several churches in Jamestown and one in Lakewood, a nearby town. God is doing great things through His Body here, but there is still much to do.

Please pray:
  • For our final home visit to complete our home study. This will take place on Tuesday afternoon.
    • Pray also for Li, our son, who is currently living in a good foster home in China. He is so precious to us, and we just can't wait to bring him home! Pray that he knows he's loved until then.
  • For wisdom as we begin to advertise and reach out to the community to promote small group discussion geared toward non-believers.
    • Pray that God will prepare the hearts of those who need Him and that they'll begin to see that they are needy.
    • Pray that we will know how to promote these groups as non-judgmental discussion without allowing for aimless conversation.
  • For opportunities to have meaningful conversations with our neighbors. We have interacted with the kids from the multi-unit home next door a great deal, but their parents are a little more difficult to engage.

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