Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hopeful in the Waiting

Edwin and I keep talking about how it seems like each week has ended before it's even begun. Trying to plan a single day feels like trying hold on to water. It's just... gone.

Although very busy and a little overwhelming (okay, maybe more than "a little"), we are very hopeful about the things that God is doing.

Edwin and I have planted ourselves in a Bible-believing church plant that is about three years old. We hope to meet with the pastors soon and get a grasp on how we can serve the church without being a threat to the amazing things that God is already doing there. The church has several small groups, and we're hoping to join in with one of them soon. Our biggest struggle lately has been loneliness and a lack of fellowship, so we are very excited to take this church and our Father up on this offer! Although we will only be a part of this church until God builds Renovation, it is a wonderful privilege to worship with these brothers and sisters until that time. We hope to be a blessing to them as well.

God opened the door for Edwin to have a wonderful, meaningful conversation with a couple who are currently seeking meaning in their lives. They seemed eager to be a part of a Bible study, so please pray that God continues to work on their hearts as we work to set up a time to meet with them. Pray for more conversations like this one.
One of the reasons that we find ourselves so busy is that we are working very hard to complete our home study and move forward with our adoption. Moving forced us to press pause on the process, but we are very anxious to get our little boy home. Please pray that God clears all obstacles that may stand between us and Li. Also pray that God prepares his precious heart to leave the ayis (nannies) and the children that have been his family for his entire life. He has been blessed to live in an amazing foster home, so he will be leaving some wonderful people behind. Pray for this little boy and for us, that God will provide financially, logistically, and spiritually to build us into a family like only He can.

Lastly, we still need prayer partners! We now have a sign-up form on the right side bar. We will send our prayer partners updates monthly. We ask that everyone who is willing to commit to being a prayer partner prays for us at least once a week. We don't need to know you personally to need your prayers desperately! Please join us in what God is doing.

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  1. Hannah, it would be my privilege to pray for you and your family during this adoption process. Can't find the link on my phone to give tough my email so I'm sending it in private message