Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Glimpses of Grace: Week 3

I have to tell you, something clicked with me when I read about the priestly garments last winter. I'm not sure why, but it suddenly hit me that I was a priest! I have a job to do, and it's incredibly important.
Representing God to others and others to God is an overwhelming job at times. We're taking the message of Christ to people who don't want it. We're bearing the weight of their sin on our shoulders as we go to God in prayer, begging Him to break down every wall that prevents them from coming to God with their whole hearts. We're often disappointed, and it isn't uncommon for us to care more about the spiritual welfare of others than they do themselves!
It is a glorious burden, for sure. If you're starting to buckle under the weight, this week is for you!
This week we're going to understand God's design for rest.
Rest isn't as easy as it sounds, is it? We have to fight for it, make it happen. Rest is intentional, and our ability to find true rest reveals a lot about what's going on inside of our hearts. Are you ready to get a glimpse of pause?

Then click here for this week's study and get started!

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